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About Premier Chiropractic

Dr. Richard Glenn began Premier Chiropractic in 2011. Why did he call it Premier Chiropractic?

When Dr. Rich was a wrestler in high school, he started having trouble with his knees. A medical doctor had told him he’d need surgery; but a teammate suggested trying a chiropractor first.

Because Dr. Rich tried a chiropractor first, he saved himself from knee surgery and was able to continue wrestling and staying active. Dr. Rich is not anti-drug or anti-medicine. His motto is to simply try chiropractic, the natural healing way, first.

“I called my practice Premier Chiropractic not only because I feel that we offer top care, but also because I want it to be in people’s heads: Chiropractic first,” says Dr. Rich.

Healthy, Happy Families

Roswell Family Wellness

We love helping families discover how healthy they can be through chiropractic!

We love helping health-conscious families in Roswell, Dexter and Hagerman experience optimal wellness. These individuals are people who think outside the medical model and want to take health into their own hands.

We have several families who have been with us for the past three or four years. Many of these families are on the Family Wellness Program that we offer. They bring their entire family in once a week to get checked and adjusted.

We consider ourselves a “4G” practice, meaning we have all four generations of a family coming to see us, from newborns to great-grandparents.

Offering a Wide Range of Care

Premier Chiropractic is not in contract with any insurance companies. We operate this way because insurance companies will not cover everything chiropractic has to offer. By not signing with them, our office is free to offer the best, most comprehensive range of care we can provide.

What we mean by this is chiropractic is not just for adjusting the back, neck and shoulders to relieve pain. Techniques performed by chiropractors help with a myriad of health issues in the best, most natural way for your body. Examples of such issues include colic and ear infections (care of which would not generally be covered by an insurance company when provided by a chiropractor).


Helping the Families of Roswell

The most fulfilling aspect of our day is hearing how we have helped families.

“When a mom comes in and says, ‘Since I brought my kid to you I can’t believe the positive change I’ve seen.’ Or when a mom brings her newborn in for the first time and hands him or her to me. I can’t even describe the feeling of these moments. My entire career is made worth it by being able to have such a positive effect on the health and happiness of the families of my community,” says Dr. Rich.

Let our Doctors bring your family to a peak level of health. Give us a call to schedule your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you! (575) 623-2900