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Reviews for Premier Chiropractic

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Premier Chiropractic patient testimonials below and email me or contact our office if you have any questions.

Great Experience

Great experience. I was a bit nervous which can lead to tense muscles thus making it more difficult for me to be adjusted but Dr. Glenn really made me feel at ease and the nervousness went away immediately. I feel so much better after one visit, I’m really looking forward to seeing how he can fix me completely. My structure that is!

~Andrea B.

Recommend to Everyone

Having just recently moved into the area, we have found the people that are geared to help our particular scenarios! This was solely by chance on our part, because we had given up those decisions a long time ago to Christ! Seriously! They are who you would want in your corner when all you want is to be taken care of and get to the best possible position to continue on with life as healthy as is feasible! We employ these professionals to be knowledgeable and know what can be done to make our existence more tolerable! This is a 5 star rated business, on our scale, that we would recommend to any and all who want that family atmosphere where the love is shown to you from walking in to exiting after a setting! Thank you!

~Brian B.

Very Comfortable

I have recommended your practice to other family members. I was very comfortable with my very first experience with a chiropractor, thank you!

~ Stephanie S.


Dr. Glenn Genuinely Cares

“A physician friend thought I might benefit from chiropractic and introduced me to Dr. Glenn.

Dr. Glenn asks you where you are hurting and then with a hands on approach, he will find the area’s that you are out of alignment or area’s of stress – he then will re-align painful areas. When you leave you feel much better.

He is gentle, very good natured. Shows caring for his patients. He genuinely cares and is very knowledgeable.”

~ Larry B.

Severe Migraines and Neck Pain

“Severe migraines and neck pain that were greatly impacting my day to day life. I’ve been able to live pain free which has been such a blessing! I’ve also been able to pick back up some activities that I was forced to give up. This is an amazing practice! I’m a true believer and a patient for life! Never have I met two more caring people than Monica and Dr. Glenn! Their passion for their patients is truly remarkable!”

~ Michelle G.

Better Quality of Life

“I needed maintenance care, and convenient location. I have been a long time believer in the benefits of chiropractic care and find it essential with my line of work. I feel more rested, have more energy, and a better quality of life.

These guys are great! They are professional, courteous and knowledgeable in the practice. I leave feeling better and with a smile. Love these guys!”

~ Joe S.

Colic and Crankiness

“We brought our daughter, Addison, to see Dr. Glenn because she seemed to be very cranky and we read that getting children adjusted can help with colic and crankiness. After getting adjusted, Addison is calm and relaxed. We will continue to have her adjusted throughout childhood.”

~ Macy H.


Pain Between My Shoulder Blades

“I have experienced improved mobility for painting. No more headaches, no more SVT issues, overall better quality of life and health. They are like family to my family and me!”

~ Melissa W.

Love These Folks!

“Great chiropractor with a real passion for his clients. In fact I’ve never seen a doctor who will call you the next day or two after your first visit just to make sure you’re doing alright. Dr. Glenn is extremely thorough and extremely pleasant to work with. I’ve recommended probably a dozen friends who’ve told me about their great experiences as well. Go see Dr. Glenn you won’t regret it.” ~ Johathon L.

Chiropractor with Honesty and Integrity

“I have been having back issues for the past 7 years. When I was diagnosed 7 years ago, I was told within 10 years, I would be in a wheel chair.

I went to see Dr. Glenn when my back went out, and I could not even walk without a cane. (I am 28 years old… this should not be happening to me!) When I left Dr. Glenn’s office, I walked out without the cane, and now I am pain free. I refer all of my friends over, and trust him to handle my husband and son. If you want a chiropractor with honesty and integrity, then you need to see Dr. Glenn. He is the best!”

~ Teresa Lovitt