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Meet Dr. Richard Glenn

How Dr. Rich Found Chiropractic

Roswell Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Glenn

Dr. Richard Glenn

Dr. Rich was introduced to chiropractic in high school as a wrestler for Goddard High School. One season, however, he started having trouble with his knees.

A medical doctor told him, “If you keep wrestling, then you will eventually need surgery on your knees.” This is not what anyone wants to hear at 17 years old. Thankfully, a wrestling teammate recommended Dr. Rich try seeing a chiropractor first.

“I had no idea what chiropractic was before my teammate made that suggestion,” recalls Dr. Rich. “When the chiropractor adjusted my back, I thought, ‘how will this help my knees?’ But, my knees indeed got better!”

My Chiropractor Became My Mentor

Dr. Rich began talking to his chiropractor about entering the field of chiropractic. He ended up mentoring Dr. Rich throughout his whole application process and through school. “By talking with my chiropractor, I found I really had a love for chiropractic,” says Dr. Rich.

When Dr. Rich graduated Goddard High School, he worked at several different chiropractors’ offices. He then went to Texas Tech University and New Mexico State University where he pursued his Bachelor of Science degree. In 2005, he went on to Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, graduating in 2009.

Growing up in Roswell

Dr. Rich was raised in Roswell. He loves this town and the town’s people. “Growing up here there was never a chiropractor who focused on family and kids. I wanted to be able to provide that service for my community.”

Dr. Rich still follows this mission he started out with. Today, Premier Chiropractic continues to focus on family wellness, pediatric chiropractic and prenatal care.

A Love of Family and Community

Dr. RIch and his family

Dr. Rich and his family

Other than enjoying his career, Dr. Rich loves to spend time with his wife and family as well as being an active member of his community. Dr. Rich has two daughters, Emilee, 16, and Georgia, 12. Emilee plays softball for Goddard High School, and Georgia is involved with a local theater group and looking forward to seventh grade when she can join the cheerleading and volleyball teams.

Dr. Rich is involved with a group called The Sunrise Optimists. The Sunrise Optimists’ motto is “friend of youth.” They are a group that focuses on raising money for the youth of Roswell through various events such as the following: a scholarship program, an essay contest, an annual pancake breakfast, an annual softball tournament and an annual basketball tournament

Dr. Rich’s favorite event he works with The Sunrise Optimists is a fishing clinic they host in partnership with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. “Not many kids in town have had the opportunity to fish before. We set up a huge swimming pool in a parking lot and teach the kids how to cast and fish. Some of them have possibly never held a real fish before. It’s a lot of fun to share my love of fishing and the outdoors with my community.”

Let Dr. Rich Get to Know You!

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